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May you ask yourself what the Method Statement (MS) is ?

To answer you, let me tell you this story!

In one of the projects, there was a consultant, a   "client's representative," and a contractor to execute the works on-site.

The contractor has many activities on-site, and it's very important to him to keep his cash flow process smooth.  This  happens when the consultant certifies the invoices he has submitted.

One day, the contractor was in a hurry to install an item on-site; let us assume it was a Ring Main Unit (RMU) that had just been delivered to the site. As it's a long-lead item, its cost is high, so the contractor wanted to install it as fast as possible to get high paid in his invoice.

However, when the contractor requested an inspection for the on-site installation of the RMU, they were met with a surprising rejection from the consultant. This rejection came without the consultant even visiting the site. The reason? The contractor had failed to include an Approved Method Statement with their inspection request.

So, the contractor asked the consultant the reason for his rejection.

Do you know what  was the consultant's reply ???

The consultant told the contractor that you must attach an Approved Method Statement for the installation of RMU with your inspection request. Since you didn't submit this MS, the inspection was rejected.

Now, it should be clear that the Method Statement is not just a piece of paperwork. It's a crucial agreement between the contractor and the consultant, outlining how the work will be executed on-site. This document is the consultant's assurance that the contractor is adhering to the correct standards and regulations, ensuring the quality of the work.

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Once you purchase this offer, you will have lifetime access to all the method statements that you purchased from this offer, so you can download, edit, and use them in your projects.

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